• IBSX ( International Business Supplies )

    IBSX International Business Supplies
  • IBSX International Business Supplies
  • IBSX International Business Supplies
  • IBSX ( International Business Supplies )

    IBSX International Business Supplies

International Business Supplies Company (IBSX) - since it’s launching in March 2006- able to get a number of important commercial agencies and during these few years it was able to be one of the biggest commercial companies’ agencies and also gained a lot of confidence, and taking the right to exploit the brand
(Franchise) for many international companies.
Xerox Egypt: Xerox Egypt has 12 main authorized reseller in Egypt, since 2009 IBSX able to gain the trust of Xerox Egypt and be one of the two main and big reseller in Egypt, also IBSX gained the trust of more than 7000 customers of the largest companies, banks, Government, all Ministries, pharmaceutical companies, national petroleum corporation
and many other companies. At this year,2015, IBSX able to renew the confidence of Xerox Egypt and take October city concessionaire (the main and exclusive agent at Zayed and October area).
HP: Also we are an authorized distributor for HP and all our products are original.
Rein product & Bafry: Also, IBSX was able to gain the confidence of rein Product global company and be the sole agent and distributor in Egypt and Africa; it's also the exclusive agent of Bafry Hess product the German company.
International Business supplies aims to become one of the biggest Authorized international companies’ agencies.
Aims to achieve higher profitability and also achieve a market share of the global and Egyptian market by combining and invest in many fields. Add an impressive mark in every field.
*and will be achieved through the high level trained Staff who considered our skeleton of our company
Our real wealth...
We will achieve our most important goals when we can earn the trust of our valued customers by providing the best service and gain their satisfaction.
-International Business Supplies Corporation is one of the significant authorized of many international companies Agencies and aims to expand its size and the invasion of many areas.
core value:
1- Provide high product quality.
2- Provide superior customer service.
3- Encourage innovation.
4- Ensure equal access to resource.
5- Focus on core competencies.

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